December 22, 2003 - 1:58 P.M.

Take that, you BASTARD!

OKay, so I'm at work covering the operator phones. It's a very easy job. It entails me saying "thank you for calling Texas Woman's University, how may I direct your call?" and they tell me what department or person they want and I send them there. It's awesome. I love to get away from my desk and go and answer those phones occasionally. Much better than the idiots that I get sent. Ms.Iliedonmyapplicationandnowyouareholdingituntilyoureceivealmytranscripts,ican'tbeliveyou!

hmph! so anyway, i get to use msn messenger so i'm talking to people and seeing pictures of my new baby cousins and all the sudden dan messages me. i am polite as always and THEN he tells me about how he and the bitch-whore-cunt that he cheated on me with broke up. I'm sure I'm going to hell because I took so much pleasure of hearing how she BEAT HIM UP! YES!!!!! It pleased me. Then he was all "i'd so hook up with you if i saw you again" and I was so "yeah, like I'm going to be in England anytime soon, sucka!"

heeheee. That was the best christmas present ever. His misery equals my happiness. Yes, I have issues. But they are getting better, damn it.

I wonder if my clothes are dry yet?

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